Enabling leadership.
Transforming culture.







Enabling leadership

We are interested in growing leadership consciousness in organisations.

We do this by coaching leaders and facilitating the development of purpose led, values driven executive teams. We work with whole systems over long periods of time in order to effect meaningful and lasting evolution.

We know that when we partner with clients in this manner, we enable leadership growth and transform culture. This builds happier, more resilient people; an engaged community of staff and stakeholders; and commercial organisations that thrive.

"I am just in awe of your outstanding facilitation skills and your genuine care and passion for our organisation. Your wisdom, positive energy and intuition just shine through."
Director of People & Culture
National Professional Services Firm

Transforming culture

Transforming organisational culture is at the heart of our work, enabling collective growth and adaptation to increasingly complex and disruptive environments.

We work on long-cycle timeframes and use leadership and cultural assessment measures to benchmark and track progress over time. 

We adopt a systemic approach embedded within a framework of adult development and organisational evolution. Our aim is to build awareness, evolve mindsets and embed behaviour aligned with your collective purpose, vision and values.

"We're so busy in our business, we don't spend time on our business!"
Retail Division
Global Bank

Facilitating dialogue

Healthy conversations that enable shared understanding and constructive outcomes are essential building blocks of our work.

We facilitate dialogue with teams, groups and organisations that move them forward. We assist them deal with the ambiguity of complexity and become more adept at discovering new perspectives and a language that supports growth.

We teach people how to lead robust conversations in even the toughest scenarios with competence and confidence. We have significant experience in embedding the culture and practice of coaching within large organisations.

"I could not recommend Rodney more highly. He is a loyal and innovative provider, and has earned his place in our small circle of trusted advisers."
Managing Director
Wealth Division
Global Bank

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